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Originally the Mathis family entered the medical marijuana business 15 years ago because of their desire to help their daughter. This family firmly believes in and acknowledges the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant and wanted to help make it accessible to patients in their community. Vern studied enthusiastically in California and became the "go to guy" in the cannabis growing community helping others with their access to high quality, all natural medical cannabis and opened a dispensary in Long Beach, CA and over the years opened another medical and recreational dispensary and large indoor organic grow operations in Oregon. For years they advocated for legal access across the nation.

The Mathis story ........

The day their lives change, the worst day for the Mathis family came on a New Year's Eve night. A medical diagnosis of Vern's daughter changed their lives forever. No one could have ever predicted how it would directly affect this family's need for medical marijuana and CBD and more importantly the new road to finding help in a world of closed doors, illegal marijuana, guns, gangs, and cash, along with an under educated medical industry whose only answer was to prescribe opiates as a treatment.
Vern's daughter underwent a grueling 12-hour surgery following a visit to the emergency room. A persistent and increasing numbness in her legs led to the discovery of a tumor in her spinal cord. During the surgery family and friends sat helplessly waiting to hear the news. Would there be cancer?


Vern's wife related what it was like. "These are the times when you find out what you are really made of, just how strong you really are. We really pulled together as a family; we had to. We suffered together through long hours at the hospital and doctor offices, followed by days and days of waiting on test results. We had tears that seemed to never stop and a pain in our hearts that, I believe, is unique to parents. Sleepless nights became the norm. Prayers got us though some very dark times."

The news came and it was good. No cancer, but..... Ah the proverbial "but". The surgeon informed the Mathis family that although the tumor was not cancerous, their daughter may not ever walk again. When the surgeons cut into her spinal cord, they severed the nerves on the right side of her lower body, leaving lower leg and hip area paralyzed . There were still many challenges ahead. No cancer, but.... This particular "but" lead the Mathis family down a road filled with heartache, discovery and healing.

"My daughter is very tough. She didn't like that answer, the idea of never walking again and decided to do something about it. That's my girl." Vern points out with obvious pride. Over the many long months that followed the surgery, Vern's daughter engaged in extensive physical therapy, exercise, long hours and hard work. And doctors prescribed opioids. Lots of opioids.

"As parents, when our kids get hurt, we want them to get better as quickly as they can. We were trained by our parents to trust doctors. We were taught that they know what they are doing because they are doctors. I'm not as willing to take everything one says at face value anymore. Don't get me wrong. I truly respect the medical profession. But I also understand now just how important it is to perform due diligence and research; get answers to your questions. As soon as my daughter was out of surgery, the doctors had her on opiates: morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone. Eventually she had used just about every kind of opiate you could imagine."

Vern's daughter courageously worked hard on her recovery after surgery and with the support of family and friends eventually regained 60% use of her leg. But as time went on, family and friends began to notice a change. She was becoming more irritable, lethargic, depressed and was having difficulty sleeping. Eventually she struggled just to get our of bed. Vern said to his wife "We are losing our little girl."

Vern's daughter said candidly "Honestly, I was just in the narcotic-induced daze thinking about my next pill. I just wanted to be alone so I just withdrew. I pulled away from my family, my art, everything that means something to me." "I knew I was losing her" explains Vern. "I just couldn't understand it. I mean she had worked so hard on getting better and then the drugs just take over your life? My daughter is strong and brave to have come this far and then just give up!"

When asked what changed, Vern's daughter answered, "I knew I didn't want to live out an addiction in my life. I've seen prescriptions ruin a lot of lives and I wanted more than that for me." She knew what she had to do. "I was scared. I mean, I wanted the pills but I also didn't want them, ya know? But one day following a particularly hard battle with her parents over the drug addiction, she picked up the phone and called her doctor. During the resulting office visit with her doctor she confided her addiction. The doctor immediately took her off the medication. But, again the "but", her doctor didn't offer any assistance or advice about the coming withdrawal symptoms and the struggles to avoid relapse.

Vern tells us,"Things were bad. The symptoms were bad. The hurt was bad. Seriously, if someone had offered marijuana to anyone in my family, me included,20 years ago, I would have responded with a solid Hell NO. All my life I grew up in a family culture that condemned weed and weed smokers. I never tried it and did not associate with anyone who did. But I've learned a lot over the years. I've seen cannabis, CBD, CBN, and CBC deliver tremendous relief for many people. During this difficult time, I was willing to do just about anything to help her. I was at a loss. I felt helpless. I could see what the prescribed drugs were doing to her and I knew, I felt it in my heart that there had to be a better way. That is when my son sat my wife and I down and told us of a way that may help and to just shut up and listen. I was humbled as I had no solution. He told us that there was some very promising results with marijuana and that we should keep an open mind and at least think about it. I have to say, he gave us a glimmer of hope. I got down to the business of research and exploration. I talked to people who claimed to be experts, I read promising reports indicating potential success with cannabis and CBD use for opioid addiction. I decided I needed to be an expert also. So I would be the suit and tie corporate executive by day and enter into a life of illegal marijuana by night. My daughter needed help and I was going to get it for her. It was a journey I had to take and I'm glad I did."

Months later Vern's daughter was free from her addiction and to this day only uses natural, plant-based products to manage her pain and other symptoms associated with her illness. Able to walk again she enjoys going to the park, the pool, and other special outings. She even learned to drive again. "I've learned a lot on this journey! My family and I have learned a lot together", Vern's daughter explains. "I just want to share what I've learned and hopefully someone else can benefit from our discoveries, my family's discoveries. And maybe some can learn from my mistakes and avoid the same pitfalls."

Currently Vern's daughter helps others with similar disabilities learn natural choices for an improved quality of life. "Everyone should have a choice and access to natural alternatives to prescription drugs."

The Mathis family not only use but educate others how they may be able to benefit from the use of CBD, CBN, and CBC products to help with pain, soreness, discomfort, sleeplessness, muscle spasms even hiccups.

The endocannabinoid system in our bodies is so powerful and we still have yet to learn just how powerful this natural system is. CBD, CBN, CBC are deep inside the cannabis plant and now we have technology to cross and back cross with other cannabis genetics to produce higher levels of CBD, CBN and CBC naturally from the plant, producing some of the worlds most powerful cannabis extracts. This newly developed understanding of the benefits and effects the cannabis plant has on the endocannabioid system we have in our bodies is still in its infancy.

The Mathis family developed a company called The NICE Corp. They use the whole plant, in their process to insure the purest Full Spectrum CBD, CBN, and CBC extract. You will not find a better or more pure CBD oil anywhere and they guarantee it.


The Mathis story maybe can help you or loved one have a better quality of life. That has been their mission from day one.

NICECBD's products

A lot has changed over the years with regards to CBD products, especially most recently. Consumers are now more educated due to extensive media coverage and access to an enormous amount of information and testimonials.


Doctors are more educated based on extensive and promising research leading to more openminded approaches. Many professionals, including nurses, physical therapists, veterinarians, massage therapists, and many others have discovered the possibilities for pain management for their patients and clients. Some have even discovered CBD’s therapeutic benefits for themselves.


The Nice Corp. has become one of the most trusted resources for CBD Tinctures, CBD Pain Relief Salve, CBD Massage Oil, and CBD Pet Treats. We are continually working on new products, which are mostly based on requests and feedback from current satisfied customers!

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